Le Mans 24 Hour Race

Le Mans 24 Hour Race

Date: 17 June 2015

We love fast cars, whether that is racing them, working on them or watching them! So it was a real treat to travel over to France to watch the Le Mans 24 hour race last week.

I was lucky enough to be invited by our driver Dan Clowes who has now been going over to watch the race for 15 years! There was nine of us all together, many of them veterans of Le Mans and this showed in the preparation!

To start the event Dan (there were three Dan’s so be prepared to be confused) had had all of our names printed on stickers to feature on all of the vehicles in which we were travelling. They had also packed a Scalectrix, a play station, plenty of beer and food as well as a glitter ball and a Sky HD Box so we could still see the race from our campsite.

Watching the race was a great experience, the atmosphere was so friendly and really felt like everyone was just there to have a good time! I managed to stay up until 5 am on the Saturday morning but then had to get some shut eye before I could watch the final few hours of the race.

I had such a fantastic long weekend camping and enjoying all that is motorsport, so thank you to Dan, his family and friends for making me feel so welcome and I am looking forward to next year already!

Le Mans 24 Hour Race
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